Use your power for purpose

As a trained dancer and singer I feel at home on stage and love to inspire and provoke thoughts and discussions through captivating talks, podcast interviews or entire performances.

Lightness with simultaneous depth is my angle when it comes to introducing profound and moving topics. With humor as my armor, I ignite sparks in the audience to gain a new perspectives and ideas in the fields of Mental Health, Diversity and Inclusion and Leadership.

As an active member and performer of Heart Chor  I also love to spread a political message of body positivity, female empowerment and acceptance in a very light-hearted and joyful way.

With my corporate background and the experience of performing in a wide range of events, I feel very comfortable in diverse settings ranging from cultural events to corporate conferences.

My topics:

Work-Life Integration

f we want our business to strive, we need to make our people strive. Inviting everyone to come to work as we are and feel like, also invites us to contribute with all of our talents, constructive thoughts and network. So how can we empower everyone to be and show themselves truly at work they would in their private lives?

Effective Teaming

New Work needs intrinsically motivated and innovative teams. Psychological safety is the engine for people to strive and move towards outstanding performance while at the same time enJOYing their work. So how can we create teams that come together to work because they simply want to?

Female Empowerment

Structural discrimination goes beyond pay gap or lacking representation. When thinking diversity and inclusion, we need to think beyond gender and turn inwards: How come we visualize a white cis-man when thinking of a doctor? And how can we overcome the limitations of our minds to create teams and systems that build on our differences rather than oppressing them?

Live your purpose

As children we have dreams of what and who we want to become. Soon enough, these dreams turn into who and what we should be. When I quit my well-paid job in a promising career more than eight years ago, people were always asking me if I wasn’t afraid. Today I know what gave me the strength and the courage to create and build the life and business I was always dreaming of. And I also know that you don’t necessarily need to quit your job to find exactly this. So what are you dreaming of?