Ways to collaborate

Mindfulness-based Embodiment Coaching

Are you looking to enhance the quality of your life or your business? I believe that every challenge is a relational issue at heart.

Our relationships might differ in the way we express intimacy or the rituals and habits we share with each other. And yet, every relationship no matter if shared between colleagues, friends, family members or lovers always mirror how we perceive ourselves and our place within the system.

Individual Coaching

I help individuals to overcome attachment wounds to create connections build on care, affection, recognition, respect, commitment, and trust, as well as honest and open communication. In a 1:1 setting we can focus on your individual journey. In a group setting in my retreats and workshops (see events -link to Events page) you get to experience what such connections could feel like while exploring your own topics.

Leadership for impactful Organizations

Organizations who want to make a difference for their stakeholders, can benefit from my experience in leadership and organizational development. I train leaders and high potentials individually and collectively in the art of relationship. With mindfulness as the base for self-awareness, I focus on developing key skills of emotional intelligence as assets for compassionate and impactful leaders. Additionally, I help teams to build psychological safety as the engine of innovation and joy as the catalyst for growth.

You can choose from my program on Impactful Leadership, Creative Teaming or also request the well-known Search Inside Yourself (C) program.


I am always curious about the many opportunities to create transformational experiences. If you are sharing my vision of a world in which everyone feels empowered to share their gifts for a greater good, I warmly invite you to reach out!

I am especially keen on supporting initiatives focussing on sustainability, diversity, social justice and female empowerment.

Yoga and Embodiment

As a Yoga teacher with more than 9 years of experience in teaching, I have guided countless individuals towards more balance in their everyday lives and coached more than 200 humans to become Yoga teachers themselves. With profound knowledge of the anatomy of the body and mind, I offer individual sessions for those who want to deepen their connection with their bodies and create a more balanced lifestyle. On request, I also offer workshops on meditation and relaxation in the corporate setting.