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Living life joy-, mind- and purpose- fully.

One breath at a time.

Alpha Omega is the embodied life philosophy of Anna Schwarz inspired by contemporary Western and ancient Eastern schools woven into a modern and secular approach to Coaching based on Yoga and Mindfulness.

From the beginning to the end. And from every end to a new beginning.

Your body is telling your story.

And you can shape your story every day. 


As a teacher, facilitator, speaker and writer, Anna loves to inspire others to find and follow their passion.


Where there is a vision, there is a way. Anna works on two ends: Firstly, she allows others to see what holds them back from living their purpose, and secondly she gives the tools to overcome these barriers to work towards ones' own, individual vision.


Anna works 1:1 in private coachings or group settings as in retreats or workshops. But either way, she always sees the individual as part of a system and allows to reflect ones position and role within that system. Community is a big part of her learning environment.

Anna Schwarz

Born and raised in traditional Southern Germany, Anna Schwarz followed a promising career in Business until she realized that the current paradigm of competition and numbers before people does not align with her core values - compassion, trust and purpose.

Trusting her intuition she quit to focus on what she also appreciated most in her previous roles as team lead: supporting others in their personal development and wellbeing through Mindfulness, Coaching and Embodiment practices.

Her current mission is to bring the tools she learned through immersive retreats and travelling periods to ignite sustainable change in the way we interact and work together: reclaiming the experience of being human in business as well as in our everyday inter-personal inter-actions.

Read more about her story here.

The feminine way is to look at the potential that is available and the masculine way is to look at what is not working and to find a solution to change that. So when we balance these two energies together, the solution is to co-create a New Earth together with Nature where we look at the potential of each and everyone involved to make a difference.”
― Maurice Spees



Anna Schwarz

Paul-Heyse-Straße 1

10407 Berlin

Photos by and with permission of Laura Kiessling Photography.