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Alpha Omega Philosophy

The key to a happy & fulfilled life

The steady flow of life

My believe is that everything in life is connected and in a steady flow of steady change. Like a river that flows through different environments, taking different turns and being enhanced by different streams - also our life can take very different turns. Sometimes these turns are pleasant and other times it is a greater challenge for us to accept what life has offered to us. These can be bigger changes but also the small things - a missed flight that leaves us stuck at the airport or a experiencing rejection by a beloved person making us doubt our self worth. Our responses to events like this - physically and mentally- determine our personal level of wellbeing.

How to Surf in the Flow

Through the practice of Yoga I have found my personal key to wellbeing: non-attachment. The realization that eventually everything in life does come to an end but that every end gives way for something new to arise again. Alpha & Omega. The eternal circle of life.
When we learn to trust this circle, we learn to accept the currents in our flow of life, we learn to appreciate the beauty of changes and learn to go with them. Eventually we are not just following our path, but we create it pro-actively where we can.
So it needs two qualities to make the best out of our lifes:
  1. Pro-Activeness: The strength and stamina to take initiative and be in charge of our lifes.
  2. Flexibility: Dealing with the challenges that are thrown at us but are out of our hands.

My personal mission is to help people to train these qualities to be able to lead a fulfilling life and to unleash their full potentials.

Many paths lead to Rome - Personally I chose Yoga, Meditation and Coaching to guide others on their Journey to get there.

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